Interview of Festival Director Tomi Tolvanen
20th Tampere Guitar Festival 4-9 June 2024

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Interview of Festival Director Tomi Tolvanen

[May 30, 2017] From 3 June until 11 June 2017, hundreds of people will be attending the annual Tampere Guitar Festival, filling the city with sweet melodies now for 13th time. Catering to various music tastes, the Tampere Guitar Festival is raising the bar with an impressive line-up of world-class performances this summer. The year 2017 is also the 100th anniversary of independent Finland.

“This is the thirteenth festival we’ve organised, and renowned international artists attend each year,” says Tomi Tolvanen, founder and director of the event. This year’s star performers include Yamandu Costa, the renowned Brazilian guitarist, as well as Sinfonity - Electric Guitar Symphony Orchestra. “Yamandu Costa is one of the world’s leading musicians specialising in Brazilian choro-music, and he is attending our festival for a second time. Sinfonity, the Spanish electric guitar orchestra, consists of ten guitar virtuosos, who play everything from Bach and Holst to Vivaldi in a spectacle-like performance. Although the festival focuses mostly on acoustic guitar music, we have diversified in recent years to offer a variety of amazing music performances,” Tolvanen explains.

As well as concerts, there are also a number of guitar courses and workshops available to those interested. In addition, the Tampere Guitar Festival organises cruises on the Pyhäjärvi lake. The so-called Midnight Sun Guitar Cruise features various performances, as well as dinner and drinks on the picturesque Finnish lakeside. “The surrounding nature is breathtakingly beautiful, and we’re lucky to be near such a stunning setting,” Tolvanen says, “Tampere is within easy reach of other big Finnish cities, and it’s a perfect location for a one or two-day stopover. There’s plenty to see here, and the lakeside offers the ideal introduction to Finland’s nature – and an opportunity to enjoy the nightless night, when the sun doesn’t set below the horizon during the summer months.”

The Tampere Guitar Show is a two-day sales exhibition that runs alongside the main festival event at Tampere Hall. “The Tampere Guitar Show is an ideal opportunity for music lovers, students and guitar professionals, to mingle with guitar makers and enthusiast’s – and test out the handmade instruments,” Tolvanen states. “We offer a wide selection of interesting music experiences to everyone visiting. The festival is not exclusive to guitar-players: everyone who enjoys good music and great atmosphere is welcome. The beautiful surroundings come as a bonus and the festival is well worth a visit,” Tolvanen concludes.