Tampere Guitar Festival, Finland
Tampere Guitar Festival


Symbols on web page

ISA-tunnus Suitable for wheelchairs

 Induktiosilmukka Induction loop

Lipunmyynti kohteessa Tickets sold on the spot

Accessible festival

Physically accessible

Main concert locations have accessible toilets and specially reserved seats for use by anyone with limited physical capacities. Voluntary workers offer support on the spot and many locations have a shuttle bus -type of service available between them.

Audible access

Auditorial services are available in the main concerts on request.

Accessible communication

Festival information is as clear and comprehensive as possible. Seminars and master classes have interpretation services available. Web pages and the program are presented in two languages (Finnish and English).

Accessible pricing

A wide range of tickets are availble. Personal assistants and children under 12 years old have free entrance to the concerts with no seat reservation. Each year there are also many free events and concerts.

Ease of access to information

Information on artists and background information on music and instruments is presented in an easily digestable, yet rich in form manner. 

Further information

Marko Salonen
E-mail: marko ( at ) tgf.fi
Puh: 0400 506 798