Tampere Guitar Festival 3.-11.6.2017

International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland

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UUSI kitarakilpailu SUOMESSA

Ensimmäinen International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland järjestetään Tampereella 6.-9.6.2018. Vuoden 2018 kilpailu, kuten koko TGF 2018, on omistettu kuubalaiselle säveltäjä-kapellimestari-kitaristi Leo Brouwerille.

Kilpailun järjestää Tampere Guitar Festival. Mukana yhteistyössä ovat Tampereen konservatorio, Tampereen Musiikkiakatemia, Soitinrakentaja Keijo Korelin, Ostinato, Ediciones Espiral Eterna, Alba Records sekä EuroStrings.

Kyseessä on kansainvälinen kilpailu, ja kaikki tieto ja säännöt ovat saatavilla ainoastaan englannin kielellä.


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Schedule 2018

Opening ceremony

• Date: Wed 6th June 2018
• Time: TBA
• Venue: Tampere Conservatoire, Pyynikki Hall (Pyynikkisali)

All competitors are obligated to be at the Opening ceremony for media and lottery for the order of playing.

Round 1

Day 1 – Wed 6th June
• Time: TBA

Day 2 – Thu 7th June
• Time: TBA
• Venue: Tampere Conservatoire, Pyynikki Hall (Pyynikkisali)

Results of Round 1

• Date: Thu 7th June
• Time: 19.00
• Venue: Kangasala Hall (Kangasala-talo)


• Date: Sat 9th June
• Time: 15-18
• Venue: TBA

Announcing the winner

• Date: Sat 9th June
• Time: 20.00
• Venue: Tampere Hall, Main Auditorium (Tampere-talo, Iso sali)


There are several options to choose the accommodation from. During the competition there is also a guitar festival going on with guitar courses, lectures and concerts. Most of the students and teachers of the festival are accommodated at Varala Sprots Institute, why it is recommended also for competitors. Have a look at all the possibilities (not included to the participation fee) from below. We are also looking for home accommodation, but it cannot be quaranteed. Please inform us in registration form about your wishes concerning also accommodation - we do our best to help you with everything.

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Guitar Orchestra

Leo Brouwer will rehearse TGF International Guitar Orchestra during the festival and competition on June 4-8. All competitiors are welcome to play also in the orchestra. Rehearsing times will not overlap with the competition, since part of the Jury is also in the orchestra. Concert of the orchestra will be on June 8th, 2018.
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Tampere Conservatoire
F. E. Sillanpään katu 9
33230 Tampere

Kangasala Hall
Kuohunharjuntie 6
36201 Kangasala

Tampere Hall
Yliopistonkatu 55
33100 Tampere

More info on the map below.

Tampereen MusiikkiakatemiaTampereen konservatorioLuthier Keijo KorelinAlba RecordsEdiciones Espiral EternaOstinato

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