Tampere Guitar Festival 3.-11.6.2017

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Cristina Galietto (ITA)

Cristina Galietto

“Hi, this is Cristina! I am a vivacious guitarist who loves to connect with the audience and make them experience the magic in every musical piece, notes, breaths and rests. People say about me that I'm able to "make the guitar whisper, sing, argue, smile, dance and twirl" and that my playing goes "from a butterfly's touch to a lion's growl".

I have played recitals in Europe and the USA as a soloist, in a chamber ensemble and orchestra. In everything I play, I try to give an elegant and melodic interpretation, taking inspiration from Italian lyricism and drama, the modern psychological perception of music and the harmony of the guitar.”
– Cristina Galietto

Cristina Galietto on italialainen kitaravirtuoosi, joka lumoaa yleisönsä herkkyydellään ja ilmaisuvoimaisella tulkinnallaan. Hän tulkitsee suvereenisti musiikkia eri aikakausilta.

Galietton matka kitaristina alkoi hänen isänsä ohjauksessa, johtaen lukuisiin voittoihin kitarakilpailuissa, kuten Eurostrings-kitarakilpailu vuonna 2021. Hänen vuonna 2020 julkaistu debyyttialbumi "Avant l'Aube" sisältää Joaquin Rodrigon, Domenico Scarlattin ja Alexis Ragon sävellyksiä. Parhaillaan Galietto suorittaa kolmatta maisterintutkintoaan Kunst Universität Grazissa.

In English

Cristina Galietto is an Italian guitar virtuoso who captivates audiences with her enchanting sensitivity, attention to detail, and musical dynamism. Her music showcases a wide tonal and dynamic range, allowing her guitar to resonate with beautiful sound in various musical styles.

Galietto's journey as a guitarist began under her father's guidance, leading her to win numerous guitar competitions, including the Eurostrings Guitar Competition 2021, a pinnacle of her career. Galietto's debut album from 2020, "Avant l'Aube'' featuring compositions by Joaquin Rodrigo, Domenico Scarlatti, and Alexis Rago, exemplifies her delicate and passionate approach to music. Currently pursuing her third master's degree in classical guitar at Kunst Universität Graz, Galietto continues to enchant audiences with her remarkable talent, and her future concerts are eagerly anticipated.

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