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2 in 1 Online Competition Apply

Round 1 (1.-7.8.2021)

From Round 1 two independent Juries from Finland and Spain will select the semifinalists for two competitions: Classical Guitar Competition of Finland and José Tomás Villa de Petrer Guitar Competition in Spain.

You may attend to the 2 in 1 Online competition in 2 ways:

  1. By receiving a scholarship from Scholarship round for Round 1
  2. By applying directly for Round 1

Apply for no age limit category



Your steps

  1. Apply during May 15th – July 1st 2021 for the Round 1
  2. Pay the registration fee 170 € (or 120 € if you attended to Scholarship round and didn't receive a scholarship) by due date. Invoice will be sent to your email after confirming your participation.
  3. Prepare your video (the same video from Scholarship round can be used again). Read the video requirements first.
  4. Upload the video to your YouTube channel by July 25th (or inform us if you want us to use the video link from Scholarship round again).
  5. IMPORTANT: Read also our YouTube settings and follow all the steps such as filling in the program form!
  6. Start sharing your video from the playlist to gain audience votes.

Our steps

  1. Your video link will be added to the playlist of Round 1, which can be found on both competition's YouTube channels.
  2. Video contest of Round 1 is open at the TGF's YouTube channel during August 1st – 7th.
  3. The Juries of Finland and Spain will each select 20 of their favourite performances (20 + 20) for the separate Semifinals of Finland and Spain. The same competitor may be selected to both Semifinals.


  • The results of Round 1 will be announced in the results page on August 9th.
  • Special offer for all attendants of Round 1: deducted fee for master classes in Spain (online or live).

Important notice for all competitors

  • When making the video(s), please read carefully the rules and prepare everything according to the instructions.
  • The organisers will not comment or give any guidance of and for the videos in advance or during the competition. All the info is written into the rules.
  • The juries will judge the videos according to the rules including such things as duration of the video, there is a speech indicating that the video is dedicated for this particular competition and the video is unedited and is from one continuous take. Please remember that this is just a notice – read carefully all the details from the rules and instructions.
  • Please make sure that the video has no likes before August 1st in order to compete for the Favourite Artist of the audience. If you use the same video from the scholarship round, it must be uploaded again to reset the counter.

Requirements & Tips for video recording

> Download PDF of video requirements <

YouTube | Scholarship & Round 1

  1. Upload the video to your YouTube channel
  2. Use the following settings:
    - Unlisted (you may change to Public when the round officially starts)
    - No, it's not made for kids
  3. Copy/paste​ the following texts to corresponding fields and do required edits

    a) Title
    The International Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition 2.0

    b) Descriptions​:
    Competition video for The International Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition
    International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland & International Guitar Contest, José Tomás Villa de Petrer

    c) Tags ​(copy/paste all tags one by one to Tags field)​:
    International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland
    Tampere Guitar Festival
    International Guitar Contest, José Tomás Villa de Petrer
    Creative Europe

  4. Fill in the program form for Scholarship round | Round 1
    and add your:
    - Program
    - Link to your YouTube video
    - Sheet music of your program in playing order on 1 PDF file
  5. Before the competition, check that your video appears on the playlist
  6. For any assistance or questions, please email competition@tgf.fi