Tampere Guitar Festival 4.-12.6.2016

Prizes 2020 | No age limit Category


1st prize

  • 2 000 € Cash Prize
  • D’Addario First Prize Package
  • RC Strings First Prize Package
  • Privilege to become EuroStrings Artist and get an European Tour 2020-2021 and participation in EuroStrings Guitar Competition (cash prize & concert tour) *

2nd prize

  • 700 € Cash Prize
  • D'Addario Gift Bag
  • RC Strings Gift Bag

3rd prize

  • 300 € Cash Prize
  • D'Addario Gift Bag
  • RC Strings Gift Bag

Additional prizes & awards

  • Recording contract (Alba Records) **
  • RC Strings Gift Bags


* = If the winner has been part of EuroStrings project before, these prices will be given to the next one of the Finalists
** = Alba Records has right to give the recording contract to any or none of the Finalists.


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Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative

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