Tampere Guitar Festival 4.-12.6.2016

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MON 4.6.2018 at 18 • classical guitar

Jyrki Myllärinen

Jyrki Myllärinen (FIN)

Genre: Classical • Estimated duration: 1h 30 min, interval • Unnumbered seats

Pyynikkisali, Tampere Music Academy
F.E. Sillanpäänkatu 9, Tampere

Tickets available at the door Suitable with wheelchair

Jyrki Myllärinen is the best and only guitar virtuoso from Naples-Carelia in our the universum. His music combines all the flavours of pizza and carelian stew.


  • Leo Brouwer: La Espiral Eterna (1971), Elogio de la Danza (1964)
  • Jukka Tiensuu: PreLudi. Ludi, postLudi (1974), Drang (1998)
  • Heinz-Juhani Hofmann: Hautnah (2010)
  • Erik Bergman: Extase pour un guitariste Op 143 (1999)




  • Acoustic concert without amplification
  • In collaboration with: Tampere Conservatoire, Tampere Music Academy